Your First Visit to the Veterinary Clinic

Welcome to Northwood Veterinary Clinic. For more than 45 years, the staff and doctors of Northwood Veterinary Clinic have maintained a steady, devoted workforce in the Northwood community of Dallas, TX and other nearby areas as well. The veterinarians at Northwood are committed to providing personal, compassionate service for the health care needs of your pet, while giving you the information you need to keep your pet safe and healthy.

The goal of the veterinary clinic is to offer you and your family peace of mind. It is never an easy or fun time when you welcome a new pet into the household. Your home is suddenly not just a house, but also a place where many members of the family gather – including your animal friends. That first visit can be both exciting and stressful for all of the pets and people in the household. That is why the staff at the veterinary clinic will work hard to make your visit a comfortable experience for everyone.

Northwood Veterinary Clinic is committed to providing you with a high level of personalized service with a focus on your pet’s comfort and welfare. At the veterinary clinic, you can expect: – A warm welcome from the staff and the veterinary technicians – Assistance when your pet needs a check-up – Prompt and reliable service when your pet needs surgery – Personal attention from the veterinary care team – Information on all types of pet care and pet vaccinations – Opportunities to explore all aspects of pet healthcare While you’re here, you can also enjoy: – Fine dining restaurant that offers organic food and local wines – Dental clinic offering regular cleanings, teeth cleanings, fluoride treatments, and much more – Gym and spa services The staff at the clinic will work with you throughout the life of your pet to ensure that your pet remains a healthy and happy experience. Even though you might not be seeing your pet as often as you might at a conventional veterinary clinic, the visits are still valuable to your pet and the veterinary care team. If you have a special pet in your life, it is important that you take the time to visit the clinic so you can get the highest level of veterinary care.

As you work with the team at the veterinary clinic, you’ll learn about several other areas of pet care. You may find that you want to have your pet spayed or neutered – or you might decide you’d like to learn more about flea control or heartworm prevention. There are also many courses of action available to you for common pet health issues, such as allergies and flea bite dermatitis. You can ask the staff about the latest news in the area of veterinary clinics, such as the benefits of heartworm medication or the dangers of some heartworm drugs.

The Northwood veterinary clinic prides itself on providing the very best in pet care for all of your pets’ needs. We treat our pets like family and treat their diseases and conditions, just like any other family member would. By offering preventative veterinary services, we reduce the chances of you or your family pet suffering from a debilitating condition. We focus on quality over quantity and only provide high quality services for all of our pets. By providing personalized attention and developing an ongoing relationship with our clients, we strive to keep them healthy and their owners happy.

By taking advantage of the first visit, you will be able to see how well the staff at the veterinary clinic knows your pet. You can expect the environment to be calm and sanitary, and you can leave with your pet feeling more secure than ever before. You can have peace of mind knowing that if something does happen, your veterinarian is well trained to handle any emergency situation and have your pet back in action in no time. If you’re ready to bring a new pet into your home, contact us today and make your first visit to the veterinary clinic.

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